Admission List


Admissions List




The Chief Justice has announced that due to the easing of restrictions and the importance of admission ceremonies to new lawyers and their families, the Court will resume in-person admission ceremonies.  COVID-Safe measures are in place across all Court buildings and ceremonies are subject to health advice.

Future dates for in-person admissions are published in the admission calendar. (External link)

In-person admission list for the 6 October 2022 ceremony is available.



During COVID-19 a process was developed to allow admissions to occur on paper and this option will continue to be available to people who have been granted a compliance certificate.   Paper admission dates will occur at the discretion of the Court.

The next paper admission list will be available shortly.

The Chief Justice has made orders on the papers admitting the following applicants to practise as Australian lawyers and officers of the Supreme Court of Victoria. (External link)