Early Assessment of Suitability

Early assessmentBefore you apply for admission, you may seek a declaration from the Victorian Legal Admissions Board ("the Board") that a specific matter or matters you wish to disclose will not adversely affect the Board's assessment of your suitability to be admitted.

An application for such a declaration:

  1. may be made a number of years before the person intends to apply for admission;
  2. may be appropriate if you are doubtful that you would be considered suitable for admission, on the basis of some aspect of your past conduct; and
  3. may be particularly relevant if you are considering legal studies, or the continuation of legal studies while there is a risk that something in your past may ultimately prevent you from being admitted as a lawyer in the future.

You should read the Guide for Early Assessment of Suitability in full before you start your application.

Disclosure Statement

Character Statement