Admission calendar


You will receive an email confirming your eligibility for a compliance certificate when your application is complete, and your fee payment has been received by VLAB.



Applications completed and fee payment received by VLAB  Compliance Certificate issued and sent by email within 3 days Form A uploaded no later than Paper admission month In-person admission date
Wed 1 June Mon 6 June Fri 10 June June Tue 21 June
Wed 29 June Mon 4 July Mon 11 July July Tue 19 July
Wed 3 August Mon 8 August Mon 15 August August Tue 23 August
Wed 31 August Mon 5 September Mon 12 September September Tue 20 September
Wed 5 October Mon 10 October Mon 17 October October Tue 25 October
Wed 26 October Mon 31 October Mon 7 November November Tue 15 November
Wed 16 November Mon 21 November Mon 28 November December Tue 6 December



All dates are subject to change at short notice