Admission calendar

When all documents are filed you will receive an email notifying you that your application is complete and to proceed to book into an admission ceremony. Only one ticket per applicant will be available. The ticket will allow access to the applicant and two guests. You must bring your ticket with you to the admission ceremony in order to gain access to the court.  Movers will not be required to produce a ticket.  

Tuesday 14 February 2017 - Closed 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 14 March 2017 - Closed 9.30am, 11.00am
Wednesday 5 April 2017 - Closed 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 16 May 2017 - Closed 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 20 June 2017 - Closed 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 18 July 2017 9.30am (Open), 11.00am (Closed)
Tuesday 15 August 2017 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 19 September 2017 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 17 October 2017 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 14 November 2017 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 5 December 2017 9.30am, 11.00am
Tuesday 12 December 2017 9.30am, 11.00am

Admission ceremony dates and times are subject to change.

2017 Victorian Legal Admissions Committee Meeting Dates

Monday 1 May

Monday 5 June

Monday 3 July

Monday 31 July

Monday 4 September

Monday 2 October

Monday 30 October

Monday 20 November

Compliance certificates will be signed by VLAC at these meetings and your certificate will be sent to you via email the week prior to your admission ceremony.