Online Applications

The client portal link can be found at the bottom of this page.  Please read all relevant information before proceeding to the portal link.

All applications for admission to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board must be made via the online client portal. Please read the following application types to ensure you choose the correct application. If you are unsure of which application category you fall under, please contact the Board for advice before proceeding.

The online portal can accommodate those applicants who wish to apply to the Board for assessment of concurrent study, qualification assessment (Degrees/PLT that are more than 5 years old) or academic credits (law subject Priestley credits only). 

Do not upload photographs of documents as they are illegible.  Any documents uploaded as a photo or image will not be accepted.

Note: When entering details in the field "mailing city" enter your actual suburb not just Melbourne unless you live in the CBD.

NOTE - The portal is designed to take you step by step through the process of application for assessment or admission. Once you commence an application you are known to us in our system. Do not provide erroneous information to get you through the steps. Further, it is not acceptable to upload dummy documents to get you through to the next stage of the application. If the step you are on requires a document, upload the correct document and then proceed when ready. If you upload dummy or placeholder documents your application will be locked by the Board.

For all applications it is essential that you enter your name in the contact details correctly. The name that you enter will be as it appears on your compliance certificate and admissions order. This extends to the order of your name. If you omit a middle name then it will not be shown. You can return to the portal and amend your name up until you print off the statutory declaration and come to the offices of the Board. If you wish your surname to be shown first, then enter this in the first name field. The name on your application MUST be reflected in the ID that you use to identify yourself to the Board.

Application Types

Practical Legal Training Course
Australian law graduate undertaking a Practical Legal Training Course at a training provider.

Supervised Legal Training
Australian law graduate undertaking Supervised Legal Training at a law firm.

New Zealand Practitioner
New Zealand Practitioner eligible to apply for admission under Mutual Recognition legislation.

Public Notary
Australian legal practitioner wishing to apply for appointment of Public Notary.

Early Suitability of Assessment
Applicant seeking declaration that a specific matter or matters disclosed will not adversely affect suitability.

Foreign Graduate Assessment
Graduate who holds an academic qualification in law in a jurisdiction outside Australia and seeks an assessment of their foreign qualifications.

Foreign Lawyer Assessment
Lawyer who holds an academic qualification in law and has been admitted to practice law in a jurisdiction outside Australia and seeks an assessment of their foreign qualifications and experience.

Foreign Conditional Admission - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
Foreign Lawyer who is admitted and eligible to practice as legal practitioner in a jurisdiction outside Australia and seeking admission subject to conditions.

Additional Application Types

For the following application types, you must contact the Victorian Legal Admissions Board to commence the application. You will then be asked to complete your application using the client portal.

Foreign Practical Legal Training Course
Foreign Graduate or Lawyer who has previously obtained an assessment of their foreign qualification from the Board and undertakes a practical legal training course.

Foreign Supervised Legal Training
Foreign Graduate or Lawyer who has previously obtained an assessment of their foreign qualification from the Board and wishes to undertake supervised legal training.

The Board will consider an application for admission in Victoria as soon as you commence your online application. If you start an application and decide to withdraw please contact us.  If there is 12 months of inactivity on your application from the date of creation, it will be considered withdrawn and a new application will be required.

There is an 80 character maximum limit to the naming of all attachments uploaded to the online portal.  Be mindful when assigning a name to the document file that you are uploading as anything over 80 characters will not be successful.  

Browser Requirements

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The client portal can be accessed here (External link)