Practical Legal Training Course


Practical legal training course

Once a person has completed an approved academic course, which includes all 11 Priestley subjects they must complete practical legal training.

The specified practical legal training prerequisite is acquiring and demonstrating an appropriate understanding and competence in each element of the skills, values and practice areas:

  1. set out in Schedule 2 of the Rules, or
  2. otherwise determined by the Admissions Committee after consulting each of the Boards.

The requirement may be satisfied by successfully completing either:

  1. a practical legal training course conducted by a practical legal training provider accredited by the Board, or
  2. supervised legal training in a workplace for a period of not less than 12 months, under a training plan approved by the Board, which the Board determines adequately provides for the trainee to satisfy the requirements of the Rules.

The Practical Legal Training requirements for admission to the legal profession may be satisfied by completing an approved PLT course. At present there are four approved PLT providers active in Victoria :