Public Notaries

Public notaries

On 2 December 2020 the Chief Justice made an order appointing the persons  in the order published on their website as public notaries.  The signatures of those persons have been affixed to the roll of public notaries and the list is available at: (External link)



Public Notaries record legal transactions for use abroad under foreign law. A notarial act is certification of authenticity.

Persons wishing to apply for the appointment of Public Notary, must satisfy the criteria set out in Part 2, Section 4 of the Public Notaries Act 2001. 

A person cannot be appointed as a public notary unless the person -

  1. is a natural person
  2. is an Australian lawyer;
  3. subject to section 5(7), has held a Principal's Practising Certificate for a period of 5 years, 
    an Australian practising certificate authorising the person to engage in legal practice 
    as a principal;
  4. has completed, to the satisfaction of the Victorian Legal Admissions Board, a course of study related to notorial practice  
     approved by the Board.

At the present time, only one institution in Victoria (The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Continuing Legal Education) offers a course of study which satisfies the criteria.

The legislation which governs the appointment of Public Notaries in Victoria is the Public Notaries Act 2001 and the Supreme Court (Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings) Rules 2008.

You should read the Guide for Public Notary in full before you start your application.  The guide will outline the requirements for appointment and the documentation required.

All applications must be made using the online portal. (External link)

The following forms are available in the Supreme Court (Miscellaneous Civil Proceedings) Rules 2018.  Please scroll to the end of the Rules to find the appropriate form, copy and paste into a word document then complete before lodgement.

Form 2-15A - Application for Certificate of Eligibility (External link)
Form 5D - Originating Motion (External link)
Form 2-15D - Notice of Intention to Apply for Appointment as a Public Notary (External link)
Form 2-15C - Affidavit in Support of Application for Appointment (External link)
Form 2-15 E - Oath of Office (External link)
Form 2-15F - Notification after Appointment (External link)

Matters of Suitability
To assist in determining what matters should be disclosed, you must read the Suitability Guidelines for Public Notaries.

Public Notary Suitability Statutory Declaration