Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (1982) (Victoria) (External link) ("the Act") provides a legally enforceable right of access to documents in the possession of Government Agencies and Ministers.  In the Freedom of Information Regulations 2009 (External link), Regulation 5, each body specified in the Schedule to the Regulations "is declared to be a prescribed authority for the purposes of the Act". Part 2 of the Schedule includes the "Board of Examiners for Legal Practitioners".

Please view the Victorian Legal Admissions Board Freedom of Information Policy  for information on release of documents and the procedure for requests under Freedom of Information. Any document that is deemed available for release (whether subject or not to the Act) will be by photocopy or by visual sight only. No original document will be released.

Freedom of Information Part II Information Statement

The Part II Information Statement demonstrates how the Victorian Legal Admissions Board is making information readily available to the public.

Making information easily accessible reduces the need for members of the public to submit requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

The Statement outlines the role of the Victorian Legal Admissions Board and makes it easy for the public to find the information they need regarding key services, functions, reports and outputs.