An email with a link to the fee page will be made available when all documentation is complete and your application is approved.  All fees are made through the Service Victoria payment portal.  Payment can be made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or PayPal.

PAYPAL NOTE: If you wish to pay using PayPal Guest checkout, you can only do so if you have not previously used the same email and/or payment card with PayPal.  If you have used PayPal before, you will need to checkout with your PayPal registered details.  You will otherwise receive one of several errors due to identity verification regulations.  Please note that these are AUSTRAC regulations & applicable for all Australian transactions (https://www.austrac.gov.au/ (External link)).


The Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014, Part 4, Division 1, Section 72  state that there are fees payable under the Act for admission to the Australian Legal Profession in Victoria.

The current fee is $870.40. This consists of $560 library fee and $310.40 general fee.  

All payments of fees are to be made online.  Any applicants who require assistance with online payment or are unable to use the online portal, please contact us on 03 9604 2451

Mutual Recognition

The same admission fees apply to Mutual Recognition applications. 

Public Notaries

The Public Notaries Act 2001 5(3) & 6(3) state that there are fees payable under the Act for appointment of Public Notaries

The following fees apply for the appointment of Public Notaries.  All fees are to be paid at the Prothonotary's Office of the Supreme Court, 2nd Floor, 436 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Form 2-15A - Application for Certificate of Eligibility $435.90 application fee.

Form 5D - Originating Motion $753.00 filing fee.

Authentication of Order - $613.20 fee.


Please note: All fees are subject to alteration without notice.