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Admission Requirements

Requirements for Admission to the Legal Profession in Victoria

1. Academic

Persons wishing to be admitted to practice as an Australian lawyer as a local applicant must complete a course of study approved by the Council of Legal Education under Rule 2.04 and complete the 11 prescribed academic areas. The compulsory “Priestley 11” subjects are:

  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Property
  • Equity (including Trusts)
  • Company Law
  • Administrative law
  • Federal and State Constitutional law
  • Civil procedure
  • Evidence
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility

In the State of Victoria, seven universities have been approved by the Council to provide academic law courses:

  • Academic institutions approved by other Australian jurisdictions that provide a course which satisfies the academic requirements for admission in that jurisdiction are also approved academic institutions for the purpose of the Admission Rules.  List of Australian Approved Academic Institutions (PDF 20KB).

2. Practical Legal Training

Once a candidate has completed an approved academic course, which includes all 11 Priestley subjects, he/she must complete the Practical Legal Training (PLT) requirements. There are two options for completing PLT:

  • Supervised Workplace Training (SWT)
  • an approved PLT course

3. Suitability

It is necessary for a candidate to satisfy the Board of Examiners that he/she is a fit and proper person to be admitted to practise (s.2.3.10 Legal Profession Act 2004). In order to do this applicants are required to provide the following:


Should you wish to become a conveyancer you would need to contact the Business Licensing Authority for further information.

          Victorian Consumer & Business Centre
          113 Exhibition Street
          Melbourne Victoria 3000

          Telephone: 1300 135 452
          Interpreter services: 13 14 50
          Fax: (03) 8684 0600

If you wish to join an association once licensed as a conveyancer, you could contact The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division).

          PO Box 466
          Ringwood 3134

          Telephone: (03) 9876 8221
          Facsimile: (03) 9876 8443

Admission as an Australian lawyer to the Supreme Court of Victoria is not a prerequisite to becoming a conveyancer.

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